From:  Axel Hecht <>
Date:  02 Sep 2015 22:59:46 Hong Kong Time

Re: Kurdish (کوردی) Sorani Translation


On 9/1/15 3:57 PM, ᎶᎧЯᎯᎺ ᎶĦᎯRᏆB wrote:
> Hello,
> I interested to translate Mozilla FireFox to my native language Kurdish Sorani dialect please tell me some info about translating and send me language files to translate.
> Thanks
> Best regards,
> Goran
Hi Goran,

guess we have a few questions:

Which script do you think it best right now for Sorani?

Also, would it better to start with Firefox or Firefox for Android?

And lastly, and a tad complicated, we had a Kurdish localization for a 
while, and we still have the files. I suspect it was Northern Kurdish, 

You could surf around on and get an 
idea if that's helpful input, if nothing else, maybe as translation memory?