From:  Belkacem Mohammed <>
Date:  31 Aug 2015 00:09:29 Hong Kong Time

Re: Add Tamazight language to firefox


Le vendredi 28 août 2015 16:35:58 UTC+1, ⵔⴰⴼⵉⵇ ⴱⵓⵄⴰⵏⵉ a écrit :
> Hello,
> We want to add Tamazight Language to Firefox, dz-tz, from ALgeria,
> Best Regards
> Java developer

A translation project is launched under Kabyle Language. Translation reached more than 72%. You can join the team at : and request an account to submit translations.

If you would like use Tifinaɣ letters, you can just rewrite kabyle translations.

Best Ragards
M. Belkacem