From:  Michael Buluma <>
Date:  04 Jun 2015 17:42:10 Hong Kong Time

Re: New localization for [SANGO] (firefox)


Hello Mokolomboka,

It's lovely to hear you want to get involved in localization. I will 
link you up with Vesper , 
copied herein, who deals with this.

I've sent him a direct email to this effect in your favour.

In the meantime, you can have a look at the following article that will 
help you in getting started.

After you set up your account, you can send him a direct email and you 
two can kick it off from there.

Contact Vesper 

Do get in touch if you need any help


On 06/01/2015 03:58 PM, wrote:
> Hello,
> We are a team of native people from CAR (Central African Republic) and want to give our effort to translate firefox to our locale language called [SANGO].
> Please would you guide us?  We noticed that any project is not initiated.
> How can we do ?
> Best Regards,
> JEE Developper Consultant
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