From:  Axel Hecht <>
Date:  31 Dec 2014 22:25:57 Hong Kong Time

Re: Belarusian Latin sctript


On 12/31/14 3:22 AM, Gordon P. Hemsley wrote:
> On 12/29/2014 01:51 AM, wrote:
>> Hello all! I would like to be helpful with a Belarusian translation. But as I can see, you only have the Cyrillic script. We also have the old-fashion Latin script, which would look very nice, like a Shakespeare's English looks to you. So Many people in Belarus will like that!
> Is there a modern community that writes Belarusian in the Latin script?
> All information I can find suggests that such a usage is primarily
> historical. (Note that we do not have a localization into Shakespearean
> English.)
To add to what Gordon wrote:

I wouldn't mind a language pack to that extent, but for a localization 
hosted on mozilla, we'd need a current audience.

I'd also suggest to investigate technical means to do the transcription 
from the Cyrillic one (we do that for Serbian, for example). might be something you can adapt 
via Belarusian-Latin/BGN ?