From:  Jeff Beatty <>
Date:  11 Dec 2014 07:13:30 Hong Kong Time

Re: Santali language translations for Mozilla firefox 36 (Aurora)


Hi Chandrakant,

First, let's make sure to update your team wiki page: I've applied the wiki template 
that we use for these team pages for you already.

Please update the following areas:
1) If more people are working on this localization beyond you, please 
add their info to the table.
2) Please update your own info (specifically the OS's you use).
3) If you have a style guide that you've created, please add a link to 
that under the l10n kit section.
4) Add more detail to how join the l10n team. For example, directing 
them to contact you, register for a Pootle account would be a quick way 
to get them started.
5) If there's an existing mailing list for the team through which you'd 
like to direct communication to the l10n team, please add it.

After that, this is what remains:

1) I'll need to begin filing bugs for repositories, builds and to direct 
the work for other localization pieces.
2) You and the team will need to translate the web parts in the 
following goal directories:
     a) critical
     b) critical-mobile
     c) good-to-have
3) Together, we'll knock out the bugs for necessary before launching 
Santali and will make sure your bugzilla account is cc'd to those bugs.
4) The Santali localization will remain in Aurora while you and the team 
perform manual testing of the localization and make any necessary 
corrections. Once that's complete and you feel comfortable with the 
quality, you can sign-off on the localization's dashboard (once it's up 
and available, that is) and we'll move it up to Beta and begin looking 
as usage statistics. When we see usage statistics move in an upward 
trend, we'll approve the localization's launch :-)

I know this is a lot. Please rely on us to answer any additional 
questions you have. If you consent to moving forward, I'll begin filing 
bugs, etc. as soon as possible.


Please let me know if you have any additional questions.
El 12/9/14 8:44 PM, chandrakant dhutadmal escribió:
> Sure Jeff.
> Anybody on the mailing list, Please let me know the next set of steps 
> to be carried out.
> Regards,
> Chandrakant Dhutadmal
> On Tuesday, December 9, 2014 10:50 PM, Jeff Beatty 
>  wrote:
> El 12/3/14 5:36 AM, chandrakant dhutadmal escribió:
> > Hi Jeff.
> > Good News. Santali language translations for Mozilla firefox 36 
> (Aurora) at the moment stands at 93% completed stage. :)
> > Regards,Chandrakant Dhutadmal.
> >
> Hi Chandrakant,
> This is fantastic news! Let's continue this thread on the
>  mailing list and 
> organize how to
> add it to the official localization build line-up.
> Thanks,
> Jeff
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