From:  Axel Hecht <>
Date:  11 Nov 2014 16:31:22 Hong Kong Time

Re: Changing font in language pack


On 11/10/14 9:41 PM, Dicentis a wrote:
> Hello,
> I 'm localizing in Gothic now and I wondered if and how it is possible to change the default font. Not only is it very difficult to type text in the Gothic unicode, because there are no standard keyboards, but the Gothic unicode also has very difficult to read characters and a custom Gothic font would be better for the mozilla language pack.
> Kind regards,
> Gothicspeaker
There is no way to ship a font with a language pack.

There are a few levels here in picking good fonts installed on the 
machine, though:

Unicode should be fine from looking at, right?

If you intend to just use some random non-unicode code points and force 
a non-unicode based font to pick that up, you might run into an endless 
series of troubles.

That said, I don't think our intl code does anything to pick a good 
installed gothic font when rendering. The intl.css could offer a hack 
for that to see if you can get a good unicode-based font to show.