From:  Axel Hecht <>
Date:  05 Jun 2014 06:13:51 Hong Kong Time

Re: Localization in Gothic


On 6/3/14 10:25 PM, wrote:
> Hello Mozilla,
> I would like to translate Mozilla in Gothic. From what I understand, I first need to localize it and ask here in order to do so. I 'm part of some people involved in reviving the Gothic language and from what I understand any language can be added, as Klingon is added too.
> How much will have to be translated?
I think that Gothic is a great thing to have as a language pack, but I 
don't expect us to take an extinct language as an official language of 
Firefox. That is, I think it's fine to have Gothic language packs on, but not on

Same goes for Klingon, too. We're not going to have a version of that on