From:  Maverick <>
Date:  25 Sep 2012 20:04:17 Hong Kong Time

Burmese Fonts & Input System Documentation (Was: Re: Dear Ma Phyu Hnin Aye)


Well, since I'm mainly a Linux user, we can divide some of the works
between us. And to be honest, I have been outside of Myanmar and haven't
used Burmese fonts for quite sometimes, I'd need some help getting the
correct sources (tutorials/work arounds) to start with. But I believe
I'll gather up my sources perhaps during this weekend. And share with
you folks for collaboration.

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On 25/09/12 19:35, LazyBoy wrote:
> I am up I will write for Windows and Linux just lead me to right format.
> Cheers Localization Team
> Tin Aung Linn

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