From:  Ngwe Tun <>
Date:  14 Aug 2012 03:42:49 Hong Kong Time

Re: dev-l10n-my Digest, Vol 14, Issue 2


Are you going to make wrong translating as given New Name. We focusing and
choosing correct translation of "Localization" into Burmese.

Well, if you will go to country side, How will you introduce as what you
are currently working. We are not translating "Mozilla Firefox". We are
making *Localization* Myanmar Mozilla Firefox to help
*Internationalization* of Mozilla Firefox Team. Again. We knew deeply we
had the name but current translation as *A Team Translating Firefox* is not
the right choice. Right.

We started the community since last 2 year. Where is any improvement
now-a-day. I've involved so many localization projects and I didn't satisfy
on Mozilla Firefox on Burmese Version. We've translated and nothing happend
to see any Burmese Version in

We aren't free and nothing to ask about price for our valuable time. We are
contributing our effort and precious time for potential web browser for
Burmese Language and People. It doesn't seem any strong will for us. What's
are priority status in their plan.

//We don't need to give name! Don't invent Wheel again.
Yes. sure we don't need to give name. I agreed that on your point. We don't
need any promotion. We don't need community and we don't need to contribute
any time and effort for non-Burmese Version too.

Everybody use English version of Mozilla Firefox and Burmese Localization
project is surely useless. I don't care any contribution except from
Localization. We need surely Burmese version for our people who live in
village and their first web browser should be in their native language. If
we can't do this aim, where are we stand points.

Cheers. I'm gone and keep far away from you guys.

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> Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2012 16:29:55 +0630
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> Hello Mozillian!
> Happy Monday!Today I would like to share super big news .Last week I
> applied proposal for Developer conference about "Firefox OS".
> Today I got confirmation for swag shipping for #DevConference from
> MozReps:) Are you come to #DevConference Don't forgot to join our
> @MozillaMyanmar session at Sep 14-16
> For More information Check this link
> Here is one message I saw on our Facebook group chat
> Tin Aung Lin asked to create New Group Name(He though we don't have
> group name and confuse with naming)  and meet up at Facebook chat.
> Here is my answer for all Volunteers.
> We don't need to give name! Don't invent Wheel again.No body will
> confuse with Name!We are Mozilla Myanmar!Every country have name end
> of Mozilla
> Example: Mozilla Malaysia,Mozilla Thailand,
> For More check this link>
> Please check this link when you
> want to make meet up,you should send/discuss at Our Mailing list
> first!It is our official mailing list,Here is FaceBook (Social
> Network).
> For become volunteering  at Mozilla Myanmar!
> Don't need to fill the form for become volunteers
> And also here is our mission "Mozilla Myanmar is a community driven
> initiative to work together on a well defined goals with a purpose to
> improve and grow. We as a community aim to reach end users,
> contributors with various resources and guide them about the
> projects."
> Thank you
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We will release Myanmar Linux Desktop in 11/11/11.