From:  Chit Thiri Maung <>
Date:  28 Jul 2012 08:55:07 Hong Kong Time

Localization in Aurora


Good Morning

I hope you all nice slept ( I haven't sleep yet) and great weekend.

As you know Yesterday, I didn't remember the date.Me and Ko Wai Phyo Han
met in the Maynigone.(I was invited to all but Wai Phyoe Han and Ye Lwin
Aung come)

We talk about my moztrip and our next step of Mozilla Myanmar.
So Localization is Most important step in our topic. We translate every
week and why counting of % is not up to 93 %?

Arky , Thanyal Zin Min : What we need? What you need from us?
We want to end up this Aurora not too late the end of August!

Thanyal Zin Min :
Tell us feedback of what is going on and what you have done?You been out of
community and didnt hear any feedback from you.

We need you and there are lot of things need to do with you.
So send me mail or send here!

Have a nice weekend.