From:  Maverick JS <>
Date:  09 Mar 2012 11:20:22 Hong Kong Time

Contribution Guidelines


Hey folks,

I've been following MozillaMyanmar quite closely on Twitter, it really
does make me proud of the efforts put into each events the team goes/do.

Something is quiet unclear, in my humble opinion. Although there is
mention of localization and a bitbucket repo, I don't see any reference
on the wiki[0] about contributors' guidelines, which I believe should be
put up for the public to see. Such details should include, in my humble
opinion, what fonts (why fonts? because there is currently lot of
Myanmar fonts and it hasn't _really_ been standardized yet <- the
reasons I've not contributed to any Myanmar projects is because of the
confusion on fonts as well :| ) will be used and where to get more help
and such.


Kind Regards,
MavJS @
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