From:  Arky <>
Date:  09 Jul 2011 00:32:33 Hong Kong Time

Re: Firefox 3.6 for (application/zip) 344K



2011/7/8 ငပ်င္းေလး :
> I want to let you know that I am making my process on
> integrated with your
> I can use mercurial and directly

Please do document the process and post it to the list here. Others
may find this information very useful.

> I can commit my works.And Arky I want to
> introduce with man.His name is Ye` Mon Kyaw.
> He want to join us here for L10ns project.

Mon Kyaw, welcome to the team. Please add your name to the team page
on the Mozilla L10n wiki and subscribe to this mailing-list.

Thank you Thanyaw for introduction. Perhaps you can show Mon Kyaw how
to get started with translation on bitbucket.



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