From:  LazyBoy <>
Date:  20 Jan 2012 10:11:17 Hong Kong Time

Hello There


Engagement For Mandalay Barcamp;
                Hopefully I can help Ahkeno to boot up at Barcamp Mandalay
Up coming Barcamp Mandalay-2012 will be great for our mozillians and we can
make two things.

[1] First we will join the event and present the Mozilla,by making plans as
Ahkeno mentioned.
[2] Second we can make Mozilla Cafe meet up here Mandalay with some guys
who love technology and FireFox.
[3] We can show our current L10ns spirit and projects to the fellow guys in
order to get joined us.

I saw Ahkeno made an event page here,Barcamp_Yangon!
And is there anything I have to help team,let me know.

For Barcamp Mandalay I am not sure to have a table there by official,but we
can find a good place to spread our swags.But I will
discuss abt this next Organizer Meeting and I will make sure for boot up.
For Mozilla Sessions L10ns is not my fav and
this is my point of view.Everyone should know Mozilla is the foundation
behind the FireFox.
 I am sure Ahkeno would make to bring the audience up about Mozilla. So
lets make the crowd who we are 1st and make the Community 2nd.
Guys are waiting to know what is intend.

Then when we have them we can introduce our present projects and make sure
whether their fav or not.

For Mozilla Cafe I am sure I have a good place for Wifi and silent
place.That is our lab and beloved place.So don't worry about it.
And transportation we can ride bite and can breath some fresh air in the
early morning when you arrive here.

And be sure to register here

P:S;We can talk whole night.