From:  Chit Thiri Maung <>
Date:  05 Dec 2011 13:43:57 Hong Kong Time

Re: For Localization


Dear LazyBoy
When I was meeting with L10n group at 26 Nov 2011 after came back from
Mozcamp,I was encouraged L10n member to contribute at Localiztion of
Firefox and to finialize the the rest 14% of localization string.As our
meeting Ko Ngwe Tun the one who attend Mozcamp Asia 2011 with me,Ko Ei
Maung, Ko Thura Hlaing  and other L10n team member are involved.

We got our decision after talking several discussion ,we planned to
finalize Firefox location within 1 or 2 months with L10n member.
L10n team member are help us our localization but we continue our process.

But for the long term plan, L10n is not represent as Localization of
Firefox and they will contribute other localization projects.

So as our mission, we accept everyone who want to involve at Mozilla
Myanmar,help to finalize location and encourage new member to become
Mozilla Myanmar core team member.

At Tharlon OS they added Mozilla firefox 3.6 with burmese language.I didn't
clear what you mean "Bagan Version I want to add
officially FireFox in time"?
Please encourage people who want to become Mozillians and contribute your
great job.

On Mon, Dec 5, 2011 at 11:32 AM, LazyBoy  wrote:

> For Localization I discuss with Ko Thu Ra Hlaing a representative of
> L10n.He sure want to make the strings for better Burmese strings.I am sure
> my strings are really modified and he believe it well.He want to make the
> L10n glossary to be uniform and so we agreed to share Glossary lists and
> some others things related with Localization.So this means we are
> negotiating with Myanmar L10ns team.Actually I am also a Myanmar L10ns
> member who do nothing for them.But for their Bagan Version I want to add
> officially FireFox in time.
> ThanyawZinmin
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