From:  Arky <>
Date:  08 Jul 2011 22:58:20 Hong Kong Time

Re: Firefox 3.6 for (application/zip) 344K


2011/7/8 Arky :
> I am seeing this kind of font in the localized files . Someone may
> translate that sentence in order to use for them.May be he is missing
> our team as his native team!I found a lot of them and you can see the
> contents by downloading from
> I am not fixing them.But we must check the original project members
> for a person who is not myanmar! Thanks

Here is a workaround.

If you come across a string you don't understand compare it with the
file in x-testing repo. Here is example of files
from both repositories.



Need to figure out how this mess happened in the first place :(