From:  Ngwe Tun <>
Date:  08 Oct 2011 01:52:36 Hong Kong Time

Re: MNLP Team Offers to help


Dear Arky,

We are trying hard to get Myanmar GUI in Linux. I will send this message to
Myanmar NLP Team and Myanmar L10N team which is dedicated to localization
task in FOSS Platform.

And let us know anything help we can assist.


Ngwe Tun

On Sat, Oct 8, 2011 at 12:10 AM, Arky  wrote:

> Hi List,
> This morning I had a chat conversation with Ngwe Tun. He offered to
> help us do Mozilla Firefox Aurora Localization along with Myanmar NLP
> Team.
> I have requested the Mozilla L10n-drivers to review and create a
> repository for this locale. Will keep you posted.
> We have gained momentum and lets keep it going.
> Cheers
> --arky
> Mozilla L10n Community Manager

We will release Myanmar Linux Desktop in 11/11/11.