From:  ငပ်င္းေလး <>
Date:  09 Jul 2011 18:59:13 Hong Kong Time

Working with bitbucket


We are now on the for our localization project repository.
I think each contributor here L10ns mm project have a bitbucket basic
account.Our base project is here.

Bitbucket offer us to work with ssh and http methods to patch our packages.
And it is skilled with mecurial along with tortoise.hg.
For mecurial you have to install python 2.6 on your machine.
you can download python 2.6  here.(For win32 installer)

Then you have to download tortoise from this link.
After you have been install all the requirements of the workplace.You can start by opening
your command prompt application.For me I used cmd.
[Note:Please restart your system after you have done the installations]

Go to your working dictionary>>For example I am on my desktop folder named test.
C:\Documents and Settings\USER\Desktop\test>
Firstly we have to clone our repository by   hg clone

Then you will got the whole package in your local drive.Then you will work for some localized tasks
like justifying,spell checking and string meanings.And just simply save it to its repo location and when
you are satisfied with your work you can commit @Arky/my-mm any time

hg commit -m"commit message" [for the commit information]

hg push [for pushing your change set]

Later I will show how to integrate with Cloud9ide.
Thanks for the team