From:  LazyBoy <>
Date:  11 Sep 2015 00:05:36 Hong Kong Time

Hello Friends ( Old / new )


How are you guys doing lately ? I hope you are well and prosper with all
the best.

Today we just had a meeting with our newly added forces Ko La Min Ko and Ko
Paing Hein Thu for our upcoming Translathon and Community events.
We have been away for quiet some time and now we are back with new
contributors and plans.

So I would like to invite our old/new friends to help us in this course. We
really appreciate any suggestions and helping hands for the upcoming events
and also help us translate Mozilla's Products to our languages like Burmese
and Shan.

Currently if you are looking how to help in upcoming Translathon I refer to
this public etherpad . And if you
are willing to start localizing, please read this blog post

And we have our team page  updated
with latest information so that you can catch up with us on time.
If you want quick answer on your issue/question, I refer you to join our
Facebook Group  or get our
latest updates by liking our new Facebook Page

A Proud Mozillian