From:  Jeff Beatty <>
Date:  08 Jan 2015 01:22:07 Hong Kong Time

Localizing Fennec into Burmese


Hi Burmese l10n team,

I hope you've had a very happy new year and are looking forward to all 
that this year has to offer.

One of the l10n-drivers team's goals this year is for Firefox for 
Android (Fennec) to be the most linguistically accessible browser on 
Android devices around the world. Considering that your team has worked 
on Fennec previously, I'm curious to know if you would be willing to add 
Fennec to your team's list of offical localization projects in the next 
cycle or two. Doing this successfully would require the following of the 

1) At least one localizer from your team who leads the Fennec l10n 
project. Preferably someone who is focused only on delivering Fennec 
every six weeks.

2) A commitment to keep the localization up-to-date every six weeks. 
There are usually only 50 string changes per release cycle. Over the 
course of six weeks, this represents only a few hours worth of 
translation and testing.

3) Manual testing with an Android device. If this is something that your 
team's Fennec l10n owner needs, I can find a way to accommodate.

Please let me know soon if this is a project your team is interested in 
working on. I would like to add your locale to the l10n roadmap for 
Fennec 37 or 38, which are being localized during the next three months. 
Let me know if you have any questions as well, I'm more than happy to help.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

*Jeff Beatty*
Localization Engineer