From:  LazyBoy <>
Date:  27 Apr 2013 14:11:57 Hong Kong Time

Dear All


How are you guys ? I am here to update everything about recent community
activities for you guys.

I have things to let you know and to remind you.

   1. Our Firefox Burmese Aurora pack is out and we are going to test it in
   various OSs. Here is the link
Zwa Thant & me actively testing in reachable OSs as much as we can.
   2. That is with me . I wrote a blog post about recent localization meta
   for you guys and here is the link .
   3. Firefox Localization Team [ shn ] becomes active during these days
   and I found some activities on Pootle. We need to connect with them and I
   tried at Facebook to make them friend . Is there anyone who already know
   them ?
   4. Firefox Localization Team [ my ] members are back to active state and
   new comers are also joining us . You can see it in our Pootle
   5. Mozilla Myanmar Website is in dealing with spam comments and I
   suggest to use Wordpress plugin called JetPack where you can use's comment services in your wordpress blog . We also need
   to update localization page and I have no access to edit that page. So
   someone who is dealing with Mozilla Myanmar Website development should give
   me permission for frequent updates . I have only Author access in Mozilla
   Myanmar Website and we need to discuss about things behind website like
   Domain registration , web server configuration and developer roles for our
   Website's Future . We have some dudes who can contribute about Mozilla
   Myanmar Website development under Mozilla's guidelines.
   6. I am posting about recent Mozilla related news and communities news
   on Mozilla Myanmar Facebook Page. If you willing to help to post news &
   updates for us , please contact Ma Chit Thiri Maung who was cc'ed in this
   email .
   7. We are going to make some events again after this April and I am also
   moving for FirefoxOS AppDay so called AppDayInABox and that would be first
   in Mandalay with the help of MCPA Mandalay.

That is all you need to know to follow up community.


[ Please forward this to the ones who you think reasonable and approprite
fellowships ]

I am a web developer.