From:  LazyBoy <>
Date:  02 Mar 2013 12:09:21 Hong Kong Time

Firefox for Burmese in production state


Dear all,

      I would like to inform all of you guys about that our Firefox in
Burmese Language is now in production state.
      And Mozilla and team Milos want our team to co-operate with them.
Firstly there is a bug [846787] in which we need to analysis/discuss our
market to get the most popular email service, IRC and web calender.
     The bug-846787 say that en-US version use Gmail and Yahoo for email , for web calender and for IRC.

Email Service

I think without a doubt that GMail is the most popular email service among
our people and yahoo yep it might be second one being used.
Let me know your opinions.

Web Calender

Honestly I have never heard about 30boxes and I surf about it. It is a web
calender application and I think Google calender is the most used among our
Burmese internet users.
And how do you think about it ?

IRC [ Internet Relay Chat ]

Ok , I used IRC a lot at my early ages of internet. I did it with MIRC and
today people are switching to web based applications for their everyday
communication like Facebook Chat. So I prefer to use mibbit as a client for
IRC like in en-US version.
Do you have any desire service for your IRC use ? Let us know.

Tin Aung Linn
Mozilla Localization Lead