From:  Enginner Tin Aung Linn <>
Date:  22 Jan 2013 15:45:48 Hong Kong Time

Dear My Folks


We have met in a very very warm and kind organization #mozilla and I hope
you all guys please about our moments.

Currently we are focusing on Localization and please help me, exactly help
Mozilla and Burmese language.

So I explained and also Arky did about how to do localization. I won't deal
in explain here but you guys need to subscribe a mailing list where we
discuss most of our things and problems.And here is the list link.

Do you know what is a mailing list is ?
You can learn about it here

Then lets discuss and introduce each others at the mailing list also.
Because there are so many guys there which are from others country and
former Mozillians.

I am now approving and testing you guys' translated text.
Cheers Ko Htay Zaw Win. He is really going fast.

Thanks you all.
Tin Aung Linn