From:  Zaid Ibhais <>
Date:  18 Feb 2016 05:21:56 Hong Kong Time

An important issue in the Arabic locale - FYKA


Dear all,
Hope you are doing well.

Fracisco and Pierros, as we previously discussed in the leadership summit in Singapore about the problems we are facing in the Arabic locale, actually the problems are getting bigger and we need to stop it.

The Jordanian community has done around 90% of the "Firefox for IOS" project and was 100% translated and reviewed, Abdelrahman Manna went through the strings to do the RTL testing and suddenly discovered that most of the strings have been replaced by Khaled Hosny; knowing that he didn't translate a lot of strings as it is right now (to be clear, he replaced the translated strings that were already submitted).

Plus, he did the replacement with a pure translated words (not localized) and these words are not used in the Arabic region in anyway.

And now, the Jordanian community especially Abdelrahman and I are upset, because we are seeing our contributions getting replaced without knowing the reasons behind that even though our submitted ones are right.

Finally we are asking you to find solutions for this big problem in order to stop this conflict.

All thanks.
Zaid Ibhais.