From:  Peter van der Zee <>
Date:  21 May 2013 16:16:20 Hong Kong Time

Re: What should happen to errors in translation


ftr, I was indeed talking about a bug in the compiler.

`console log("foo");`

How can I tell that this is a problem in the compiler (missing dot in the
above case) and not my code? Scale this up to complex real code...

Since most-if-not-all vendors are watching, I think discussion about this
is good to have to make sure this issue at least gets some attention :)

- peter

On Tue, May 21, 2013 at 2:04 AM, Fitzgerald, Nick

> On 5/20/13 4:59 PM, Brian Slesinsky wrote:
>> This isn't an issue for the SourceMap spec, but I would love to see a
>> debugger where the source code and the JavaScript were displayed
>> side-by-side. Then if there's a translation error, the end user can more
>> easily see the problem and report the bug to the compiler project (and
>> work
>> around it).
> Not a full debugger, but**
> map-visualization/ exists.
>> It's a tricky UI problem, though, due to inlining and so on.
> The reason why compilers often have debug and optimization level flags is
> because at some point there just isn't enough information left to debug
> properly.
> Nick
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