From:  "Fitzgerald, Nick" <>
Date:  21 May 2013 08:04:37 Hong Kong Time

Re: What should happen to errors in translation


On 5/20/13 4:59 PM, Brian Slesinsky wrote:
> This isn't an issue for the SourceMap spec, but I would love to see a
> debugger where the source code and the JavaScript were displayed
> side-by-side. Then if there's a translation error, the end user can more
> easily see the problem and report the bug to the compiler project (and work
> around it).

Not a full debugger, but exists.

> It's a tricky UI problem, though, due to inlining and so on.

The reason why compilers often have debug and optimization level flags 
is because at some point there just isn't enough information left to 
debug properly.