From:  Eddy Bruel <>
Date:  09 May 2013 22:24:15 Hong Kong Time

Re: Change sourceMappingURL comment syntax to avoid IE JS conditional compilation issues


On 5/9/13 4:00 PM, Micha? Go?e;biowski wrote:
> It seems Nick Fitzgerald is OK with the change of the `@` symbol to sth different, e.g. `#`. I'd like to ask to introduce such a change to the spec as soon as possible. The reason is the source maps topic is really gaining traction, more & more projects start supporting it and the later we change it the more compatibility baggage we'll have to deal with. Currently the spec is fresh enough it's easy to convince most tools authors to introduce changes to adhere to changes in the spec but it won't be the same further in the future (and I'm afraid at one point it may be so difficult that the no-change option wins here).
> So, to reiterate - I'd like for the pragma to change really soon, timing is really important here.
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I just filed bug 870361 
 with a working 
patch. All it needs is a review.