Date:  30 Aug 2015 00:43:40 Hong Kong Time

Announcement: CLI tool for super quick source map visualizations


> [Tobias Koppers]' [source map visualization] is a great tool for inspecting
> source maps, both for source map consumers trying to set up their build tool
> correctly, as well as for developers of source map producing compilers.
> However, uploading the generated file, the source map and all the source files
> is tedious. source-map-visualize simplifies that. Just type:
>     $ source-map-visualize fixtures/example.js
> ... and the visualizer will be opened in your default browser with all the
> files pre-loaded! (`fixture/example.js` exists in this repository, so you
> could try that straight away!)

[Tobias Koppers]:
[source map visualization]: