From:  Peter van der Zee <>
Date:  03 May 2013 23:44:10 Hong Kong Time

Re: Dynamic sourcemaps


+1 on feedback. Oh please give developers more feedback if something is
detected to be attempted but failing for whatever reason. Just an
acknowledgement would be nice. SourceMaps are like CORS in that regard; a
big black box. :(

On Fri, May 3, 2013 at 5:28 PM, Thaddee Tyl  wrote:

> I dug into the state of dynamic sourcemaps again today. I am unsure
> about what the acknowledged progress of it is. However, there are two
> points I would like to make on both Firefox' and Chrome's
> implementations.
> I should note that in both cases, I used the bleeding edge, that is,
> Canary and Nightly.
> Firstly, the following URL is that of a webpage which attempts to use
> dynamic sourcemaps:
> The source is URL-encoded in the JSON source map, which is itself
> encoded in a data URL. It makes use of the sources / sourcesContent
> trick.
> It simply does not work in Chrome: the source goes undetected.
> Firefox notices the source, but never loads its content, showing
> "Loading..." in the editor instead.
> In both cases, I'd love to know what is going on.
> Which leads me to my second point. I clearly have the intention to use
> sourcemaps (it is quite easy to detect), yet no error shows up,
> neither in Firefox, nor in Chrome. Even if not spec'ed, some errors
> should show up in the developer tools, if only for library /
> transpiler authors, but also for the general developing public: if the
> sourcemap generator fails, the developer should know why, to be able
> to report the error to the transpiler author.
> (I do believe that errors should be spec'ed, though.)
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