From:  Brian Slesinsky <>
Date:  11 Jun 2014 00:32:30 Hong Kong Time

Re: Adding checksums to source maps


It seems like we might have consensus that there should be a standard way
of computing a checksum on a JavaScript file.

We should probably have a standard "linecount" field (similar to
x_google_linecount) that should be used to decide which JavaScript lines to
include in the checksum. Then a tool can append arbitrary content to the
end of the JavaScript file without changing the sourcemap or the checksum.

This is off-topic, but it would be nice to give tools the chance to prepend
a JavaScript header as well. Perhaps have a "// begin sourcemap URL"
comment in the JavaScript that says where the mapped content begins. But
there's no backwards-compatible way to do this like there is with the

On Tue, Jun 10, 2014 at 9:12 AM, Fitzgerald, Nick 

> On 6/9/14, 11:34 PM, Brian Slesinsky wrote:
>>   Re: Checksum in file
>>> Having the checksum in the URL would help validate that a source map is
>>> for that file but I think we’d still need something to verify that the
>>> sources are for the source map.
>>>  To clarify, I was thinking of a checksum as an alternative to a URL,
>> rather
>> than part of it. The debugger could ignore a given URL and generate its
>> own
>> (perhaps to a private server) that includes the checksum, or perhaps the
>> debugger wouldn't even use HTTP(S) to fetch the sourcemap. But if the
>> debugger does use the given URL, it would probably make sense to pass the
>> checksum as well, perhaps as a query parameter or HTTP header. (Since the
>> debugger doesn't actually need to do any checksum calculation but just
>> hands back what it was given, it's actually more of an opaque token in
>> this
>> scenario.)
> This use case seems mostly beneficial to internal tools (such as
> deobfuscating client-side error stacks on the server), and I don't feel
> that it really needs to be mentioned and formalized in the source map spec
> the way the `//# sourceMappingURL` comment is.
> For the use case where you want to give the use an option to supply their
> own source map but want to warn them if its the wrong one, having the
> hashes in the source map itself is enough.
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