From:  "Fitzgerald, Nick" <>
Date:  08 Feb 2014 01:40:14 Hong Kong Time

Re: `/*# ... */` or `//#` in JS shouldn't matter


On 2/7/14 1:29 AM, Simon Lydell wrote:
> Currently the spec only mentions that the `//#` syntax is allowed to link a source map to a generated JavaScript file. I think that `/*# ... */` should be allowed as well, because:
> - It's weird that only one type of comment works. Any type of comment in any type of language at the end of a file on its own line that starts with `# sourceMappingURL=` should work.
> - In reality, source maps are only used by JavaScript and CSS. It would be really nice if tools working with source maps didn't have to care whether a file is CSS or JavaScript. If it wants to add a sourceMappingURL it can just add `\n/*# sourceMappingURL=... */` and be done with it.
> - Firefox already supports it. (Chrome is a bit weird: It allows either `//#` or `/*\n//# ... \n*/`)
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