From:  John Lenz <>
Date:  21 Jan 2014 00:53:55 Hong Kong Time

Re: Question on escaping for sourcesContent


Yes, as encode the string as standard JSON. There was no discussion of
using Base64.
On Jan 18, 2014 9:34 AM, "Andy Sterland" 

> I've got a couple questions/comments on sourcesContent. Hopefully this is
> the right place to mail them too :).
> Presumably the intent for sourcesContent is that it's just a regular JSON
> string and the compiler should encode the source file as Unicode and escape
> certain characters like string terminators, line breaks, tabs, control
> characters, etc? Which sounds reasonable. Though I was wondering if in some
> circumstances it might be easier for the compiler and debugger to treat the
> source file as binary. Essentially encode the source files as base64 and
> then let the debugger decode it as they would for a file. Granted you might
> need additional metadata such as content-encoding (if it's not captured in
> a BOM or similar).  Thoughts?
> Apologies if this has been discussed at length and I missed it.
> -Andy
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