From:  jeorlie edang <>
Date:  29 Sep 2016 18:20:36 Hong Kong Time

Help, I need FF Os Pre-build for Cherry Mobile Ace



I would like to ask if you guys have a pre-build of Firefox OS for Cherry Mobile Ace.

If you have one please can I have a link.

I would like to learn tweaking firefox os. I saw a video in youtube about JanOS and I bought a Cherry Mobile Ace this is the one cheaper I know here in the Philippines.

I need to learn much about flashing rom and it would be a great if I have also a pre-build either development build or production build of Firefox OS.

I found that this phone has a GPS and Accelerometer. I would like to build a GPS tracking device for my motorcycle. I would like to learn it.

I have a low resources for learning. I only do googling, youtube and reading forums.

I will really appreciate if you could also give good links where I can learn a lot about firefox os.

Thank you in advance.

Jeorlie B. Edang
Junior Software Developer