From:  Adam Farden <>
Date:  29 Mar 2016 07:24:23 Hong Kong Time

The future of CyanogenMod ports



I'm leaving Mozilla as of this Thursday (31st March).

I was tasked with porting B2G to build on top of CyanogenMod so we could take advantage of the 150+ existing device ports. Today this works beautifully, I had a hand in at least 16 device ports, but with the shift to Connected Devices my work was deemed no longer necessary.

Perhaps you never even knew about this work, but you can at least thank me for the Rocket Browser logo...

Fortunately I'm not sitting idle and I'm jumping straight into full time employment elsewhere.

This means that I'll have very little time, if any, to keep the CM port properly maintained. Everything that I worked on can be found here: Ideally I'd like to hand ownership of this GitHub organization to someone else to pick up and maintain.

Between now and Thursday I'll be finalizing things and polishing things up as best I can.

Please get in touch if you want to take over this work!