From:  Ariel Burone <>
Date:  05 Oct 2018 00:59:58 Hong Kong Time

How to submit for review?


Hello everyone,
I just applied to Outreachy and trying to contribute to Firefox.
I've used git to clone the repo and fixed a simple bug

Now the thing is. How to I submit my changes to Phafricator for review? had instruction on how to use Git and I went thru this path.
Following the instruction from phafricator downloaded arcanist.
Upon execution it detected I was using Git and instructed me to use another repo

$ arc diff 
ERR-CONDUIT-CORE: Local VCS (git) is different from the one defined in the repository (hg).
To use Phabricator with git-cinnabar please follow the docs at

* Cloned the repo and added the binary to the path.

Also downloaded cinnabar
$ git cinnabar download

$ arc diff
same error as before

ok, let's try moz-phab

$ moz-phab submit
NotImplementedError: git support is not yet implemented

Now I'm totally lost... Should I clone with Mercurial and then use cinnabar to convert? How?
Did I miss a vital step while jumping between docs?
I chose to use git because I'm comfortable with it and don't know Mercurial.

Please, go easy on me. It's my first time with a toolchain this complex.