From:  Michael Comella <>
Date:  07 Nov 2017 03:54:30 Hong Kong Time

Re: [ann] Default Fennec build configuration is now --with-gradle


Nick and team, this is great news! I'm delighted that we're now aligned with the Android development status quo, simplifying our cross-project development and getting a lot of features for free (Kotlin, anyone? ;). Thanks for all your hard work!
- Mike

On Thu, Nov 2, 2017 at 2:14 PM, Nicholas Alexander <> wrote:
Hi folks,

tl;dr: Fennec 58 should build with Gradle.

I just landed Bug 1405396 [1], which makes the default Fennec build (and build jobs like (B)) use Gradle.  Queue mass celebration!

The existing build job Bg (Build, Gradle) is now labeled Bng (Build, non-Gradle).  It has been promoted to tier 1 and the test set will be expanded [2], so that we don't lose coverage and prevent a rollback.  This Bng job will be removed as soon as we're confident that the Gradle builds are good in the wild, so I have _not_ renamed android-api-16-gradle to android-api-16-non-gradle.  Sorry for any confusion this causes.

Local developers will by default build --with-gradle.  For developers who are not using --with-gradle already, the next time you build, you will likely see the Gradle wrapper downloading Gradle and a huge number of dependencies being pulled from the network.  This should be a one-time cost (with incremental future cost as we update the Gradle dependencies).  In the future, we may include the Gradle toolchain and initial dependencies as part of |mach bootstrap|, but it should not be necessary.

To build --without-gradle, add --without-gradle to your mozconfig.

Single-locale repacks, critical to developing new localizations, will be temporarily broken.  Hopefully this disruption will be (very!) short: patches are up for review [3].

This landing has thrown Autophone for a loop, but it seems to be a problem with configuration and not the actual code being tested [4].

There is a huge amount of follow-up work to tear out the existing system and really enjoy the benefits of building with Gradle, but hopefully this gets us over the hump.

Many thanks to Max Liu, my partner in crime on this project; to Nicole Yee, for keeping things on the rails; to Sorina Florean and Bogdan Surd, for testing; and to many others for timely reviews and support at critical moments.

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