From:  Philipp Kewisch <>
Date:  12 Feb 2015 08:31:06 Hong Kong Time

Re: Asynchronous file synchronization of Lightning DB



the sqlite stuff is provided by the Mozilla Platform, so there is only a
certain amount we control. I don't think there is any code that checks
if the file is overwritten.

You might want to subscribe to a local .ics file and synchronize that
instead (touch the file, then use File > Open > Calendar File).


On 2/10/15 11:09 PM, fname-xml lname-xml wrote:
> I run several linux machines and synchronize my files using Unison ( on removable media.  I'm considering using Mozilla Lightning on these machines and want to better understand synchronizing the Lightning DB (calendar-data/local.sqlite).  I cannot keep my calendar in the cloud, so synchronizing with webdav or Google Calendar isn't relevant here.
> I'd tremendously getting your input on these questions:
> 1) When local.sqlite is overwritten by file synchronization, will Lightning detect that event and invalidate any in-memory caching?  Are there any integrity or concurrency issues here?
> 2) Is it necessary to exit Thunderbird/Lightning before synchronizing?
> 3) If my calendars get out of sync, is there a batch tool (not GUI) that dumps calendar-data/local.sqlite to an .ICS, and a batch tool (not GUI) that imports a merged .ICS into calendar-data/local.sqlite? 
> [Back story: Upon detecting a file hash/timestamp conflict, unison can launch an arbitrary merge tool.  I'd write a script that dumps both Lightning local.sqlite files to ICS, invoke a text file merge tool like meld or ediff-merge, and generate a merged local.sqlite.
> 4) Am I missing an obviously better, cleaner, and incredibly simpler solution? 
> Thanks for any thoughts!