From:  Denis Roy <>
Date:  19 Nov 2015 04:16:00 Hong Kong Time

Backwards development


I find it odd that BMO is using something that looks like Bugzilla, but

EditComments, the Dashboard, and even the UI are different (read:
better) than what is available to the rest of us. These extensions are
available to us, somewhere, in some repo, if we can find it.

Why does Mozilla do this backwards?  Wouldn't you want to improve the
core project and have BMO (and everyone else) consume that?

When a group of developers are off in one corner working on a new UI, it
makes it impossible for the rest of us to follow along. Furthermore, our
contributions go ignored because we're not aware of the work that's
happening behind the scenes:

Short story -- does the Bugzilla project want contributions, or is it
relegated to being a code dump for Mozilla's bug tracker?

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