Date:  29 May 2018 19:08:46 Hong Kong Time

Click2Speak predictions support



My name is Yaniv and I'm the CPO of Click2Speak. We are developing an on-screen keyboard software which enables people with motor disabilities to communicate and to have full access to Windows-based PCs and Tablets.
Our website:

Since Quantum update, our users can't use our integrated prediction engine on Firefox. It seems that FF input fields can't handle well our typing speed, so it cause skipping of some of the chars and the user gets incomplete words. 

As I mentioned, the bug occurs only on Quantum versions. In prior versions and in other browsers everything works fine. 

Hope you can find a fix for this problem and help our users around the globe keep working Mozilla Firefox. 

Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you soon. 
Best Regards, 
Yaniv Aviran