From:  Angelo de Vigo <>
Date:  04 Nov 2014 19:47:48 Hong Kong Time

Re: Thunderbird accessibility.


Hi Marco,
First at all, thank you very much for your answer. It worked. It helped 
me to find out what I was doing wrong.

Some how, I had come to the idea that both ways of increasing/decreasing 
font size (A+/A-  and CTRL+/CTRL-) would have the same effect on the 
sent text. So, quite frequently, I used to start composing by clicking, 
2 or 3 times, on the A+ symbol of the formatting bar. Upon finishing I 
would hit CTRL-0. On occasions, I noticed that CTRL-0 didn't change 
anything, but I sent the message anyway. My friends knew of my corneal 
transplant surgery and would not mind the large fonts However, people 
that did not know me personally, replied with some comments about the 
font size.This fact prompted me to try to contact people in the 
accessibility list.

I have just tried a few tests by sending text composed using different 
number of  CTRL+ keystrokes. In all cases the font size, on the 
recipient side was always the same. So, I conclude that *CTRL+/CTRL- 
only modifies the size displayed to the user, but does not affect the 
size of the sent text.*

As I was ready to send this email I noticed another message referring to 
this topic. It came from Liz Henry. She had filed an enhancement request 
bug, When checking the link she provided, I found confirmation of my 
conclusion in the response given by Magnus Melin .

I wonder if this functional difference between the usage of A+/A-  and 
CTRL+/CTRL- is clearly stated in the Mozilla support documentation. If 
is not there and it is added, I volunteer to translate it into Spanish.

Thanks to all.
Angelo Gonzalez
Vigo, Spain

On 03/11/2014 10:01, Marco Zehe wrote:
> Hi Angelo,
> can't you just use CTRL++ to zoom the window and just leave the font
> size as is? That will zoom in the window so it gets bigger for you. You
> can reduce the zoom with ctrl+- or reset to default with ctrl+0.
> Marco
> On 31.10.2014 23:39, Angelo de Vigo wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I use Thunderbird as email client. Due to my impaired sight, I compose
>> using large size fonts, and then, before sending, I reduce the size to
>> normal so that the recipient won't be surprised by the large fonts,
>> However, sometimes I forget to reduce
>> and the message text goes out as is.
>> It would help me quite a lot  if,  in the General Option settings for
>> Thunderbird, a checkbox could be added such that, when checked, the
>> messge sending process would first adjusted (proportionally) the fonts
>> to normal size and then would send the message.
>> Thank you.
>> Angelo Gonzalez
>> Vigo, Spain
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