From:  Ola Gasidlo <>
Date:  19 Dec 2017 07:10:58 Hong Kong Time

Feature requests flow @


Hi folks,

we talked about this idea at the yallhands in Austin a little bit already.

So, since used to be a side project, we kept adding features
on the fly when we felt the need and someone got time. As the project grows
more and more as well as the number of reports, we try to focus a little
bit more on creating the best experience for users who report as well as
our community and contributors.

This is the reason, why I'd like to suggest a flow for new features. It
shouldn't create overhead for everyone who is working on them, but add more
structure and transparency about ideas, features and the direction the
project is going. Another reason for this is to create a safe space to
express ideas as e.g. new contributors might not feel confident enough to
suggest features.

The rough idea for the process looks as following:

1. Discuss feature idea in issues of repository and / or team
meeting and / or mailing list.

2. When you feel you'd like to suggest an idea, create an issue on the repo with the "scope: feature request" label. The main focus
should be to explain your suggestion, answer questions and get feedback, so
you can add a short feature list that sets the scope.

3. When the scope is set, feel free to create a feature branch and...
  - add your idea. (For a smaller enhancement).
  - add your prototype, so you can get feedback. (On a bigger feature or

4. Now the community can review your idea in more detail and give feedback.
Two weeks might be a good period to test / give feedback before rolling out
the feature or moving to production site (clean up the prototype, add tests
if not there yet etc).

I'd love to hear your thoughts.