From:  Thomas Wisniewski <>
Date:  05 Dec 2017 03:16:03 Hong Kong Time

New user-agent spoofing addon


Hi all, I've written a new UA-spoofing addon that I plan on releasing soon,
but thought I'd ask for your thoughts on it beforehand.

It's primarily meant as a slightly more robust Quantum-compatible UA
spoofer than the ones that I see out already, and I aim to keep the browser
versions up-to-date as often as possible. It works on Android and desktop
Firefox, spoofs a bit more than just the UA (to fool slightly more advanced
UA-sniffers), and has options to spoof for the active tab, window,
(sub)domain, container, or globally.

If you can, give it a shot and let me know if the user interface could be
improved, or if it's lacking anything you feel would make it a better addon
(especially for webcompat work). For instance, you currently need to
refresh a tab for any UA-change to take effect; I'm not sure if I ought to
change that, or add options, so your thoughts are welcome!

The unsigned pre-release version is temporarily available here:
("Unsigned" of course means that you will need to set the about:config flag
`xpinstall.signatures.required` to `false` to install it for now).