From:  Karl Dubost <>
Date:  01 Nov 2017 09:14:23 Hong Kong Time

Re: dev and prioritisation labels


A little followup on that discussion.

Le 26 oct. 2017 à 15:41, Karl Dubost  a écrit :
> * Projects: We do not used this at all. 
>  See
>  and
> you can set up your project boards to make updates for you automatically, moving cards between columns when you or a teammate:
> 	• Add a new card to a project, moving it from from triage to a default starting column
> 	• Close an issue
> 	• Merge a pull request
> 	• Close a pull request with unmerged changes
> 	• Reopen an issue or pull request

This new feature makes project much more interesting for the and might address some of Ola's wishes.

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