From:  Sheran Corera <>
Date:  17 Dec 2010 13:45:41 Hong Kong Time

URGENT - Please have a look! - Help with my Final Year Project


Hi All,

I URGENTLY (excuse capitals) need your help with a survey I'm doing on my final year project titled “FreeWave” - A Framework for Accelerometer Based Hand Gesture Interaction. I plan on making this open source so any help from the open source community would be appreciated.

The idea is that we build an accelerometer based gesture recognition framework capable of communicating with multiple hardware and multiple end user applications and take sensor based gesture recognition to the next level since I believe this is an area has immense potential and much to be explored.

This survey deals with gesture recognition and gathers basic information on what you know about it. Please feel free to add your comments and say what you wish. The Link is here -

Sheran Corera

PS - I'm sorry if this is considered spam. Please help out a fellow open source advocate. Cheers :-)