From:  Dicky Moe <>
Date:  07 Jun 2015 21:15:55 Hong Kong Time

Look back, it's never late


Caution: Read this mail if you think the recent developments within Mozilla doesn't feel right and in a way is jeopardizing the mission. If you are not at all feeling anything, then this is not the mail for you. And this mail should not be considered as some personal revenge or anything, but it's time we look back and correct ourselves. 

1 . In recent months we have seen lots of passionate staffs and mozillians leaving the mission, Mozilla has never commented on this trend.  Goodbye message from the ones who left reveal the unhappy events that happened with them and also appears to hide some messages from public.

Doesn't the mozillians who work almost similar to the staffs in driving the mission want to know and has the right to know..?


2. Sponsored tiles. Though the passionate mission supporters didn’t bring a positive response to the idea from the start, still Mozilla proceeded with it using user's browsing history, bookmark and location. 

Seriously, has someone lost mind introducing stuffs like this? Have we become revenue based rather than mission drivers? We request the concerned team to look why we are moving away from the mission. Using third party services compromising privacy, and mission has become a common hobby for us. 
Just one question if we are a mission shouldn't we use duckduckgo or similar service that doesn't track users as default search partner instead of ones that track.

Revenue generations is accepted but not by jeopardizing the mission we promised to follow.


3. Mozilla has always been a volunteer depended organization, and the efforts to recognize the volunteers are being worked on all time, that is fine and the efforts are appreciable but the key flaw in this system is with recognizing new contributors.

The recognition provided to new contributors don’t reach them because their works reach the project which they work on proxied by some existing contributors. ( a few explicitly mention and report the wrong recognition, but a few do consider it as advantage.)

It also seems like the recognition plan didn’t include or even thought about the fact recognition differs for each individual is different. 

Disbanding Community Building Team (CBT) has made a big hole in volunteer participation. Now we have participation team, which wholly consists of staffs and contractors and handpicked volunteers who gets to make key decisions, whatever. 

This is not all good. Are we moving from closed to being super closed? We all wanted to bring back CBT.


4. We strongly urge Mozilla Reps leadership to look into issues like this because you guys get hate day by day. A fine example is your election. Less than 50% polled for election, we guess Mozilla Reps leadership has to evaluate themselves. We dare Mozilla Reps leadership to take an open poll about your programme and put the results public and then talk. This is for all those  who have been boasting and making dictatorial decision based on unnecessary power given to the Reps leadership. These leadership is selected by less than half of the reps community (i.e. less than 50% polled for elections) and they take all the community decisions. Who even gave unlimited powers to some 9 people who claim themselves Council. If you mess with them, then you are done and most of your requests get rejected. And this is Mozilla Reps leadership for you.

And Please recognize the contributors. Its like a bunch of volunteers is using some others contributions and getting credit in their name. Most of the hardworking mozillians are not getting recognized. Many staffs and volunteers are playing petty politics. Yeah, well, some crude people like this are ending up as the staffs at Mozilla.

We do find a few meetings ( Online and offline ) being held by the reps council, but so far no outcomes other than the a few pics of food, beverage, airports from the attendees along with a worthless blog report with a list of todo works were seen.?

All concerned persons ask yourself whether you have completed or did any tasks that you informed to do in previous meetings.


This is a small section about Indian Community and some general issues that concern everyone. This has been added in response to the couple of mails and requests from some of the Indian volunteers.

We were quite sad that the allegations were just cornered to Gauthamraj alone by Watson an anonymous mail man just like us who have shooted a mail to the community mailing list last week. Actually there is a bigger dictatorial group working within the Mozilla India community. 

This is a small group who always wanted control everything. 

1. Vineel - who himself calls head of community, doesn't come out of the position after announcing himself about the resignation, proxy other’s work get credits so on….

Has there been any community who have had lead for than four or five years. Think. Every one respects all the stuff Vineel has done so far and he will do but this monopoly and not sticking to your own voice isn’t a great thing. Can someone explain who assigned this the leadership task?

2. Soumya Deb - Has a group of good mentees under who are good in development. They do the work, and Mr. Deb claims the credits and boss around in media. This is a similar trait shown by most people we mentioned above and below. Someone does the work boasts to staffs and social media as theirs. Job well done. 

We wonder how you got invited to MozFest last year, like this only? Or care to explain. Because we haven't seen a single Webmaker activity by you and most deserved ones were left here without invitation.

@council are you finished making the two line reason why those mozillan’s were selected for Mozfest..?

3. Galaxy - We still don't know what this guy is doing in the Mozilla community. But keeps getting invited everywhere and travel around the world. People say he is the hotel booking and swag guy, FSA Executive board member and even engagement (what a joke). Woah, we think that's a lot work and that's what the Mozilla’s primary concern hotel booking and swag.


In Mozilla India if you happen to be a girl and seem to have a good relation with any of guys dictating the Community you automatically seem to receive the recognition for doing nothing. The Womoz program catalyzes this process.  ( Reverse hasn’t worked so far )

Those related with Indian community will know what is a Reps Budget is. If you want budget for any of the project you have planned plan with any of these dictators in mind, file the budget execute the project and be ready to hand over the works and recognition to their name. If not try to forget about the project or let it stay on paper.

If you don't believe us just go through the budgets filed by these guys, and analyse the ease and speed at which these guys gets budget approved without any questions or anything. We still wonder why Mozilla Community works like this favoring few people and even paying funds to these guys in a dark. From what we have heard about the Mozilla Space in Bangalore is spending tons of money and wasting and not spending proper funds community who badly need it. Many mozillians and Reps have suffered enough hardships by getting budget rejected and these guys just screw all with one budget comment “Your budget is rejected”. Shame on you guys its really shame that you guys are enjoying the years of hardships by many hardcore Mozillians.

Another recent bullshit was the mentor selection. We don’t want to reveal their names, lets have a look at incident without names and we are sure guessing names won’t be a hard work for any one. 

a couple of the newly selected mentors were not known to work with any Mozilla projects after the Summit 2013, have happened to fulfill the requirements to be a reps mentor. Still after the selection they are nowhere to be seen. 



And again we ask why did Firefox OS fail in India and all over the world. This is another place where only a small group of people were notified about all the plannings and only small group went around and did all the activities. Wasting money is one of the prime qualities of Mozilla India leadership. Ahh, not to mention the staffs are just same. We saw that the Firefox OS research was done Rajasthan( state in india ) and the best part is the phone wasn’t released there. 

Mozillians didn't even know there was a research going on there. Good job people. We are requesting to show us the outcomes of big events like MozCamp India beta 2014, Mozilla Task Force Meetup 2015 where 10000s of dollars were spent. If you have nothing to say about that then you have no right on crossing the fellow Reps and rejecting the budget when they were having really put 100% hardship over an event. 

We believe that some of the Mozilla employees are also favoring this monopoly leadership in India or is it that these self assigned leaders brainwashing these employees. Nevertheless the Mozilla leadership is surely unaware of all the ground zero happenings. This is not just a problem in India, but mostly in Asian regions the one community that's so close to the happenings in India is Mozilla Bangladesh.

We hope the concerned Mozilla employees will have a look at this seriously before this turns to some real madness. 

We wonder why is the community and organization becoming more closed. Major decisions proceeding without prior informing to volunteers and closing the issues raised with a sorry. Isn't it this a volunteer driven community.?

We wish the community to be open. We had enough rebels and people going on from an organization we don't want this to continue because we still have faith in the mission. Hope everything works out.

Fellow Mozillian

Watson Vinro, thank you for supporting against the injustices caused. 
NOTE: We are not related to Watson Vinro or the team behind Watson Vinro.