From:  Leo McArdle <>
Date:  29 Jan 2013 07:14:41 Hong Kong Time

Happy Data Privacy Day!


Hello UK Community Members!

I didn't know that today was Data Privacy Day, so I'm not sure if we
officially recognise it in the UK but, regardless, we can celebrate it
as the Mozilla community after Mozilla was named the most trusted
Internet company for privacy in 2012 [1]

Also, the metrics team just set up a cool site where you can track the
adoption of Do Not Track (DNT) in Firefox. [2] (Which is a little
oxymoranic, but, hey, the site says that "No Firefox user was tracked to
generate this data.")

What's very interesting is that at the moment, on desktop, the UK has
the 3rd highest adoption rate and the Isle of Man has highest on desktop
and 4th highest on mobile. Commonwealth countries and British Overseas
Territories also saturate these two lists - is there some weird
correlation between having the Queen as your head of state, and your
citizens being privacy conscious?

Of course, this could just be statistics being statistics, and all this
is showing is only 2 out of the 10 Firefox users in the Isle of Man use
Interesting nonetheless.

Happy Data Privacy Day!