From:  Francisco Picolini <>
Date:  18 Aug 2016 00:23:43 Hong Kong Time

Re: Fwd: European Gathering in Berlin - September 10th-11th


Hello Mozillians,

Deadline has been extended until Friday 19th EOD (European Central Time).


On 15/08/16 12:15, Francisco Picolini wrote:
Hello all,

In case you miss it, I'm forwarding the message to all our european communities. Please register here: to participate in this gathering, that we will discuss about Maker Party campaign and how to mobilize communities.

If you have any inquiry, don't hesitate to write me an email.


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Subject: European Gathering in Berlin - September 10th-11th
Date: Fri, 12 Aug 2016 20:55:51 +0200
From: Francisco Picolini <>
To: Mozilla Reps - General Discussion mailing list <>,
CC: George Roter <>

Dear Mozillians,

This is an invitation for our next European Gathering that will take place in Berlin, Germany on September 10th and 11th. Like other community Gatherings that will happen this year, our main focus will be Mozillians who are mobilizing communities, bringing people into contributing to our mission, and helping them strengthen the impact of their contribution.

If you are interested in participating, register in this form before August 17th end of day (European central time).

Please note that though this is a pan-European gathering, we will be prioritizing some countries over others. This is purely because we have limited resources and want to focus on countries that are particularly important for Mozilla’s impact right now -- markets where Firefox needs to matter, and areas where advancing our policy and issues agenda is particularly important.

For that reason, we are aiming for roughly 80% of participants from UK, France, Germany, Italy, Poland and Spain. Along with this, the selection criteria will be recent activities, ability to mobilize people and experience on working with other communities.

If you need more information about this gathering (location, dates, hotel, etc), please contact Francisco Picolini.

We’ll see you in a month!

Kind regards,

Participation Team

Francisco Picolini
Community Events Coordinator
/Participation Team