From:  Anivar Aravind <>
Date:  30 Jul 2014 13:05:28 Hong Kong Time

Re: [Mozilla India] Ek Mukta: Open Web Font for Devanagari


cc'ing Vasudev Kammath maintainer of  Indian Language fonts for Debian for
Font Packaging

On Wed, Jul 30, 2014 at 3:36 AM, Soumya Deb  wrote:

> Folks,
> Girish Dalvi is a faculty of design at IIT Bombay
> , and has extensive
> knowledge and expertise in working with Devanagari typography. He's
> interested to hear from you.
> Cutting it to the chase, he's the key person behind the Ek Mukta font
>  (available from Google fonts
>  too as webfont - Girish
> says, the usage stats are soaring high since it's available). I personally
> like the font very much - it's very well crafted and neatly hinted, for the
> ones with an eye for it; you can try out the demo here:
> Girish would be very much interested to discover more use cases of this
> font, including but not limited to Firefox OS (for indic languages using
> Devanagari script - Hindi, Marathi and the likes). Just got to know that
> it's been made available as a package for Fedora now - which is awesome.
> So, I pass on the mic to Girish - bring on your comments, feedback, ideas,
> questions, suggestions etc. and he'll be happy to respond to it.
> Cheers!
> P.S: I personally requested Girish for a Bengali typeface with similar
> elegance - he inferred Bengali typefaces are more difficult for several
> reasons & require a lot of work. He'd only delve into it, if there's a huge
> request for that. I don't know if we're all happy with the current Bangla
> fonts, or with the advent of Mobile-first content consumption, there's a
> need for improvements?
> P.P.S: If you're responding to a part of the message - it'll be best to
> snip the other parts off. Keeps it under the mailing list max-size margin
> (until it's waived).
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