From:  Soumya Deb <>
Date:  30 Jul 2014 06:06:09 Hong Kong Time

Ek Mukta: Open Web Font for Devanagari



Girish Dalvi is a faculty of design at IIT Bombay
, and has extensive
knowledge and expertise in working with Devanagari typography. He's
interested to hear from you.

Cutting it to the chase, he's the key person behind the Ek Mukta font
 (available from Google fonts
 too as webfont - Girish
says, the usage stats are soaring high since it's available). I personally
like the font very much - it's very well crafted and neatly hinted, for the
ones with an eye for it; you can try out the demo here:

Girish would be very much interested to discover more use cases of this
font, including but not limited to Firefox OS (for indic languages using
Devanagari script - Hindi, Marathi and the likes). Just got to know that
it's been made available as a package for Fedora now - which is awesome.

So, I pass on the mic to Girish - bring on your comments, feedback, ideas,
questions, suggestions etc. and he'll be happy to respond to it.


P.S: I personally requested Girish for a Bengali typeface with similar
elegance - he inferred Bengali typefaces are more difficult for several
reasons & require a lot of work. He'd only delve into it, if there's a huge
request for that. I don't know if we're all happy with the current Bangla
fonts, or with the advent of Mobile-first content consumption, there's a
need for improvements?

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