From:  Avash Mulmi <>
Date:  17 Jul 2014 19:05:01 Hong Kong Time

[Mozilla] The Mozilla Awareness Drive in US by our fellow Rep Prashish Rajbhandari


Hi FOSSians,

Prashish Rajbhandari, one of the Mozilla Representatives from Nepal, who is
currently in US is planning for an Awareness Drive this August across the
lower 48 states of US to spread the word and the love about Mozilla. The
whole idea is to spread Mozilla love far ou and wide in the physical as
well as digital world.

It is a matter of pride for us Nepalese FOSSians and Mozillians as well
that a person from Nepal is going for such an ambitious mission in foreign
land. Prashish is an *Open Web Enthusiast* and a really awesome WebDev that
we have in our community.

He will be completing his mission in *25 days*. In 25 days, starting from
August 1.


   Travel across the lower 48 States and share Mozilla's story, vision, and

   their mission with the people he meets along the way.
    2. Engage in a one-to-one interaction with the locals and document their
   stories for an epic MozDrive video.
   3. Share his journey through the help of social media, as he goes about
   making a
   difference and positive impact in the society.

Please follow his entire journey here .

The Facebook page 

The Twitter .

Please share this within your community, friends and wherever you can in
social media.

You can read more about the campaign in the official website,

Also, if any one wants to and can give some support to him to complete his
mission then please please don't hesitate to do it.

You can do it here:

He needs our support and motivation for and during the whole journey. A
Nepalese is undertaking such a mission in foreign land, let us do whatever
we can to support him.


Avash Mulmi
Open Source Enthusiast

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