From:  Avash Mulmi <>
Date:  12 Apr 2014 10:29:29 Hong Kong Time

About Nepali keyboard layout in Firefox OS


Hi All,

I want to take some suggestions on the subject mentioned.

Mozilla will be integrating Nepali keyboard layout in Firefox OS.

As we have some few keyboard layouts, which one should be proposed for
traditional; ब क म ा न
or the romanized one?

Also, is there Nepali input layout in android,ios and other mobile
platforms?I don't have android, ios, and the mobile platform I use "maemo"
has romanized Nepali.
If yes then can we just use the same layout or will there be stupid
copyright issues in layout too?

So the main question here is which layout to use.

I hope we can disucss on the topic and maybe bring out a proper standard


Avash Mulmi
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